Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Beginning

I started running after I quit smoking quite a few years ago.  I had the normal
goals of entering a 5K race and hoping that I wouldn't be last.  Because I
live near Flint Michigan, a popular goal here is to run in the Crim Festival
of Races that is held in August.  The main event is a 10 mile run with lots
of hills.  I entered it, hated it, loved it and ran it over and over.  Along the
way I was bitten by the marathon bug and ran three of them.  They are
great but the training takes a lot, I mean a lot, of time and dedication.
I also began to get a lot of injuries the more miles that I ran.  I was
never very fast, usually in the middle-of-the-pack, but a part of
my self-image was wrapped up in being a runner.

After a stress fracture in my foot left me sidelined for awhile, it was
very hard to get running again.  Of course, I still ate like I was a
marathon runner and the pounds began to pile on.  Then it is even
harder to gather the energy and discipline to run.  So I walked,
I walked with friends and in the neighborhood and told myself
that it was fine.  I wasn't getting injured, I was older and didn't
need all of that sweating to make me happy.  But a tiny part of
my heart still wants to run.  So as I sat at the Crim expo this year
I began to dream of running and doing a blog about it.  You'll need
to cheer me on because it will be hard, but I feel so excited about
the challenge (not too much excites me these days) and am looking
forward to sharing this with everyone.  Will write again soon........

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